I think you are the BEST! I feel very confident leaving my animals in your care. Each of my animals that you have cared for came home in wonderful condition and recovered quickly. Thank you for much needed services… providing wonderful care at fair prices.
Sharon Lann, Ella the dog, and Gracie and her now celibate cat friends!

I am grateful for you excellent, cordial services. You spayed my three female and two male kittens, and they are doing very well. Their recovery was easy and brief. I really like that you made it so easy, as I was a bit nervous about dealing with their recovery. Especially appreciated was the pain medication you sent home with them. Thanks for making things easy and pleasant! I recommend your clinic to all.
John N. Michel
Charleston, SC

We can’t reccommend Simply Spay and Neuter enough. Dr. McTavish and her staff are professional, knowledgable, genuinely caring. Simply Spay and Neuter has spayed Andie, provided all of her vaccines, and were more than happy to help out with some miscellaneuos health concerns that we have had over the last year and a half.
Alan and Andie Hogeboom

It is my pleasure to say how pleased I am with the way you treated the cats and kittens I brought to you. Although several of the cats were feral and you treated them with the same kindness and care as animals that might be a pet to someone. You have always returned phone calls promptly and never made me feel as though my concerns or questions were too small, you follow up on treatments rendered and really care about the animals you treat. I was able to successfully take care of a group of stray kittens and bring them to an adoption center as a result of your care. You are, in my view, one of the most truly dedicated, professional and caring vets I have known. I am happy to recommend you highly.
Catherine Marshall
Charleston, SC

Your clinic provides wonderful surgical and post operative care as well as reasonable preventative medical care for my pets. We who live in Mount Pleasant are very much aware of the higher than usual medical costs. It is Mt. Pleasants good fortune to have you, Dr. Martha McTavish, and your caring staff of professionals.
Judy Ober, Sami, Tami, Morkie, and Skyler

Since moving here, no one has been able to compare to the vet I had where I used to live until I went to Simply Spay and Neuter. We had our first visit, and it was awesome. Aside from the caring and courteous staff, there was no wait! This is the first time I have ever gone to any type of vet, even my favorite one back home, and gotten out under an hour or more. We were there for about 15 minutes! Dr. McTavish and her staff are amazing. The care given to our dogs was exceptional and I highly recommend Simply Spay and Neuter.
Andrea Egan